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Employer branding

Employer brand. EVP. Social marketing. 1996 and all that (?). The world of employer branding now seems more fragmented than ever before. The one central truth though is identifying what’s special about your organisation and aligning that to the motivations, preferences and behaviours of the people you need – past, present or future. Our team has been the brains behind many of the highest profile, best received and effective brand projects to have been developed in recent years. Perhaps we could help you too?

Brand development

So, you know what your EVP is. You’ve nailed down the visual I.D. you are going to use to take that message to the people you need. And you know just where to find those people. Great. But how can you activate your brand in all of the channels you could use to build a talent community? There’s no right or wrong answer to this – but there is a best way to develop your brand to make it most effective for you and the people you need to hire or hold.

Graduate marketing

One of the most competitive recruitment challenges any employer can face. More students does not necessarily mean more of the right calibre for you – and you probably can’t afford to be everywhere. We help to profile the people you need, identify their preferences, target them to campus and course level – and then help you to build that conversation.

Employer marketing

You may be high-profile, well respected as a business and have products that change the world. But we can’t all be Google can we? Maybe not, but our approach can at least gain you a Google-like reputation. We help to identify what is special about you and then build that into a message architecture you can use whenever you come into contact with the people you need.

Internal communications

Your last staff survey, what did it tell you? Got a happy workforce on your hands? Is your’s a great place to work? Or have your people got itchy feet? The best employers implement joined-up internal communications strategies to ensure that the people you employ now are fully aware of the information they need. We help to define what messages are needed, and when, to make sure that your most important talent community stays engaged with what you’re trying to do.

Community engagement

Who are you? Not just what you say you are anymore. Who you are to those who don’t know you already is just as much about what other people say you are. We work to make sure that your reputation is authentic and honest.

Experiential marketing

When an employer, future or current, reaches out to you on a personal level, well they’re the kind of moments that build respect and loyalty. We work to make sure that every one of those occasions is a positive experience – and that you’re represented as well as you can be.

Emerging talent

Universities are where it’s at. Or are they? There are plenty of talented people out there who can give the best graduates a good run for their money. The trick is to get to them early. We help employers reach people pre-higher education to begin engaging about the benefits of working for an employer – or even a sector.

Strategic consulting

You could argue that everything we do is strategic, and that it’s all based on a consultancy model. But sometimes there’s just that one thorny problem that needs solving; one thing that won’t go away. With more than 30 years of experience in helping employers get around challenges of all shapes and sizes we can work with you to find the solution.

Change communications

It might not be today. It might not be your decision why or how it happens. But it will happen. Change. It’s the one certainty in business. The best companies spot it coming early on and get a clear message out to their people about what the implications are. We can help you manage that process, providing insights, solid practical advice and communications that are easily understood and engaging. It may not be good news but the way you communicate any change is critical to how you work when that change has been made.

Candidate management

Applications made. Job done? Not quite. How you communicate with people once they’ve said they’re interested is only half the battle. The best candidates will be likely to be considering other employers – even if it’s just to see if the grass really is greener. We can help you to design and implement ongoing candidate communications programmes that keep the people you need engaged and excited all the way to offer and beyond.

Training and workshops

We provide individual mentoring, brand training and knowledge workshops that help employers improve their capability and confidence in all areas of brand and communication. Whether it’s something you need to know, or something your whole team needs to know, we can provide tailored training and workshops that will give you the skills you need.

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