The Human ABC

No not an 80’s tribute band! Just a bit of fresh perspective..

Wouldn’t it be simpler if we were all the same? So that we can put people into little boxes, knowing what they all like and don’t like; what they want and don’t want out of life. You don’t need us to tell you that’s far from the truth. So why do brand agencies think we are? They stop seeing us as individuals, and think of us as a target audience, that do similar things and so consume messages in the same way. Well, we hate to burst the bubble, but we only all have one thing in common. We’re all different.

That’s why we developed The Human ABC. It’s designed not to see us all as a target audience, but a community of people that like to share, talk about things and seek advice from each other so that we make the right decisions in life and work.

To engage properly, to have the right conversations with the right people, we think it needs a shift in mindset. Instead of thinking of your message as a selling point, think of it as an experience. Take your media plan and turn it into an interest plan. And stop thinking of targeting your community, and invite them to talk.

By talking not targeting, you’ll find out a whole lot more about what makes the people you want, tick. You’ll understand their Attitude towards you and what they want to achieve. You’ll see what they will and won’t do, experiencing their Behaviour, and finally by continuing to talk to each other, you’ll get to know what they’re Capable of.

You’ll find our approach different because of this mindset shift. But then if we’re not different, what’s the point?

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