Sponsoring the RAD Awards



When we were approached to see if we’d like to sponsor a category at this years RAD Awards it didn’t take too much thinking about. Tonic, a little brand consultancy, sponsoring a category at the Oscars of the Recruitment industry? Yes, absolutely!

But, it had to be the right category. It had to align with our values and the work that we do. And that’s why we’ve chosen Employee Engagement. You see the bottom line for us is that the work that we do in building brand, articulating the things that make our clients special and executing the best candidate experiences we can, must continue into the experiences of the people hired, once they’re hired. It can’t just be about attraction.

If we can get the hiring bit right, and then make sure that those promises are fulfilled on we’ll be hiring advocates. People who will be positive about us, people who will deliver growth and profitability, people who will make the attraction of more new people easier in the future. Employee engagement is critical to the way that recruitment happens now and in the future. Can you tell that we’re passionate about it?

We can’t wait for the night. Not only are we short-listed for four awards in our own right, but we also get to celebrate with the winner when they’re announced. Exciting times.

Good luck then to Accenture and 106, HCA and Pink Squid, Manpower and Carve, Ovo and Aesop, and finally Sony Music and Blackbridge.

See one of you on the 30th January.

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