Developing the Employee Value Proposition Using Marketing Principles of Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning

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Over the last year or so, I have written about the need for companies to have a clear, differentiated and articulated employee value proposition. Actually, every company already has one, irrespective of whether they formally define it or not. The question is more whether you want to define & influence the employer brand yourself or have it defined for you.

The concept of the employee value proposition comes directly from Marketing’s customer value proposition. And applying marketing tools to HR problems makes a lot of sense because employee behaviour, these days, mimics consumer behaviour. Like a consumer, an employee is always shopping for the best deal. Plenty of research data suggest that employees are willing to switch jobs as and when a better opportunity arises. We can safely say that the one-company loyalty-based career model is a relic.

And if people in the workplace behave like people in the marketplace…

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